Welcome to Zoo Tv

Zoo Station is a tribute band dedicated to honoring U2’s iconic Zoo TV tour and Achtung Baby album. Tribute bands often strive to recreate the experience of a particular artist or era, providing fans with a nostalgic journey through the music and visuals associated with that period. Zoo Station achieves that and more.

Celebrating Achtung Baby

The Zoo TV tour, which took place in the early 1990s, was known for its innovative use of multimedia, television screens, and satellite link-ups. Achtung Baby, released in 1991, marked a significant shift in U2’s sound, embracing a more industrial and electronic sound compared to their previous work.

The Experience

In the spirit of U2’s iconic Zoo TV era, Zoo Station recreates the hits and visual spectacle, capturing the essence and energy of that extraordinary time. U2 fans now have the chance to relive the magic of those groundbreaking years.

Upcoming Events

Currently, there are no events planned. Please check back later.